the experience

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.......I'm not here to just take your photos! You read that right. I want to do so much more than that, I want to tell your love story! I want to give you the experience of a lifetime. Send me those pictures of your outfit ideas, so I can tell you how freaking drop-dead gorgeous you look, let's chat about all the things from the time you guys first met till he got on one knee and asked you to marry him! I want to know what you and your family like to do together for fun! I want to be so much more than just a photographer that shows up, takes your picture, and goes home. I want to be your bestie! 

First of all, I just want to let you know I'm the gal in your corner from day one! I GOT YOU!! If you're not afraid to get a little dirt on your feet and a little wind in your hair and down for an epic adventure....well I have good news. WERE A PERFECT MATCH!!;) 



Want in on
the             details?

I like to consider this one huge, epic date night, snuggled up around a fire making s'mores, hiking to a waterfall or a picnic in the back of your lovers truck. I am here to be the best third wheel there ever was!! ;) 
Starting at $350


Need a dance partner to break it down with you on the dance floor? I WILL DO THAT!
 Let's get you guys married!! 

Starting at $2,500

Intimate weddings

We roll with the punches with the kiddos, lets kiss posed photos out the window and say yes to the games and giggles! 

Starting at $350



Frequently asked

HOW will i receive my IMAGES?

You will receive your photos in your email, with a link to an online gallery called Pixieset! :) 


I GOTCHUUUUUU!! As soon as you book, I send you an outfit guide that goes through any questions you may have about what to wear! :)

What happens if the weather is bad?

I'll probably say let's do the dang thing and embrace it! Crazy weather makes for some epic photos! Weather like wind and rain have a way of bringing so much beauty to a photo! PLUS, Who doesn't want to dance and kiss in the rain? ;) 

If the weather is dangerous, we will absolutely reschedule.


If you have already booked a session/wedding with me and for some reason have to cancel or reschedule, the retainer is non-refundable. In order to reschedule a new date, a new retainer will need to be paid. Please understand I am in no way trying to steal your money. I've most likely rejected a session that day for the same date.  

where are you based out of and do you travel?

I'm currently based out of Indiana, but looooooove to travel!!! Take me anywhere! :) 

Do you offer discounts? 

I do not. It's not fair to all my other fully paying clients!

do you give out raw (unedited) photos?

I do not. The reason I do not give out my raw photos because It's half of my craft. It's like a artist giving you a painting half way done. I promise to deliver all the photos you want! If you think for some reason I am missed something, just ask :) 


I use a client management software where I collect all payments!

will you photoshop us?

I will not. I'm all about the authentic and raw you!! I capture the real stuff, the messy and the imperfect!! However, I will touch up acne, bruising, shadows, etc. 

do you do videography as well?

Unfortunately at this time, I am not. I can refer you to some pretty awesome videographers though! :)  




You can expect

Delaney + IAN

Not only was she our photographer, but she was also quick to lend a helping hand in other areas during our wedding day without even thinking twice. She is a great person with an amazing gift!

Nicole is absolutely incredible. She did both our engagement photos & our wedding photos. Nicole makes the entire process feel so natural, easy, & fun. 

"Nicole makes the entire process feel so natural, easy, & fun."

Jaquelyn + Atticus

The experience Nicole gives her clients is more than just a posed picture, she creates real, fun memories that she creates! I would 100x over recommend Nicole! She goes above and beyond to serve her clients! She's very professional, fun and has amazing skills. You will not be unhappy with your experience or photos and youll gain an amazing friend!! 

Nicole is so personable and is more than just your average photographer! she's like your bestie and a cheerleader all in one!! 

"She creates real, fun memories that she captures"

love notes


If you're vibing for all of this, ready to jump into a adventure of your lifetime!! HIT YOUR GIRL UP!!!

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